الخميس، 1 مارس 2018

One more vital Olympics observation

The other day I told you the things I love about the Olympics – the stories of dedication... the practice... and perseverance.
Today I want to share with you something I think is equally important.
Whenever you watch an athlete in competition, there's always a coach right behind them.
And usually more than one coach.
Plus all the support people.
It really shows that EVERY SPORT IS A TEAM SPORT.
The athlete is the one who actually performs, but it takes everyone else to help get you ready.
It's the same with everything in life.
Sometimes you're the athlete, sometimes you're the coach, and sometimes you're the equipment manager.
As investors, we need to follow what these top athletes are doing and surround ourselves with the best coaches, mentors, and support we can find.
We need to master the basics before we can do the advanced stuff.
We need to practice and practice and practice to achieve proficiency.
But here's the best news...
All of us can win the gold medal.
That's when we get that steady cash flow rolling in.
It's no mystery how to get there.
The only question is are we willing to do what it takes.
Never give up!

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