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This won’t work for freaks or sociopaths, but it’s the key to YOUR success

A while back I met a man who specializes in human behavior. Not sociopaths. Not freaks. People like you and me.
I asked him, why do most people know they need to start a business or become an investor, but ultimately do nothing?
His answer was not what I thought.
It’s not because they don’t have the money. Ask any drug dealer, they NEVER have a money problem. Addicts can ALWAYS get money. So, I’m pretty sure that means the rest of us can too.
It’s not because they don’t have the time. There is not a single person alive today who could not become more efficient with their time.
It's because they don’t have... confidence.
The rest are excuses we make up to hide the fact that we don’t have the confidence.
I used to teach a course that focused on this. There were three parts: BE. DO. HAVE. *I did not create this, but found great value in it.
The first step, BE, dealt with confidence. Because once you have the confidence you can take action (DO). Once you start taking action you will HAVE.
So, ask yourself, “Who do I need to BE” in order to HAVE my goals come true?
You need to BE a person with confidence. To get confidence you need two things:
  1. Knowledge
  2. Experience
Knowledge is actually pretty easy to get. It’s everywhere in this day and age. The hardest part is knowing the knowledge you get is honest and true. With the Internet today EVERYONE is claiming to be an “expert” or a “guru”.
This is one of the reasons I introduce you to my friends, partners and trusted advisors. I do this to help you know that the person I am introducing you to is the real deal. He/she walks-the-walk. They don’t just talk-the-talk.
That takes us to the second thing you need to build confidence, experience.
Until you get your own experience, you have to rely on, or piggyback on, the experience of your teacher. The person giving you their knowledge better have a lot of experience. If they are “faking it until they make it” run away... FAST!
To actually become the strongest person you are and build a business, you need to work on your confidence. You need to BE the person who can build a business.
To BE-come that person you need a teacher you have confidence in.
I want you to look to Anik for that role. He’s taught me and my team. He’s taught tens of thousands of students. Yes, Anik can teach you how to build a business. But I’m asking you to look to him to help you BE the person that can DO what is needed to HAVE what you want.
Anik is your first step.
Anik has sold MILLIONS on the internet from his home... probably in his pajamas.
It wasn’t automatic for him. He’s gone through everything to get his experience and knowledge. He’s gone through a LOT of trial and error, but he now has a simple 5-step process he wants to share with you... FOR FREE.
He’s giving away his Digital Bootcamp video course for a limited time that breaks down the exact process you need to follow if you want to BE successful.
He’s teaching you to build a business with email marketing. But he’s also teaching so much more. He’s teaching you how to BE. If you learn that, this won’t just be another course, it will be the beginning of a new, confident you.

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